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Information about Processing Visitors' Personal Information Section 13 and 14, Legislative Decree UE 679/2016 (“GDPR”) - Privacy Code
Pursuant to the articles 13 and 14 of the EU Privacy Regulation 679/2016 ("GDPR") we inform you that the personal data provided by the interested party ("you"), for yourself or for the organization to which you belong, to Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A. ("IEG" or "we"), on the occasion of or in connection with events, exhibitions, events, conferences / congresses, championships / competitions and / or workshops (the "Events"), organized by us, hosted or participated also in collaboration with third-party partners, they are treated in compliance with the principles of lawfulness, fairness, correctness, proportionality, necessity, accuracy, completeness and security and other legal obligations in force. The "Events" can also be held on online platforms (eg SWAPCARD, My Agenda, etc ...), both in virtual and on-site form or in full digital form; these platforms allow for online meetings between exhibitors and visitors / buyers, with the creation, among other opportunities, of an agenda of meetings that will put interested parties in direct contact. The aforementioned platforms can also be used by the visitor / buyer to request contacts with the exhibitors present on them, through the following actions: saving one or more exhibitors on the "favorites" list, chat, networking, specific appointment requests, etc ... . Categories of interested parties. Processing operations and collection methods The processed data concerns customers (i.e. exhibitors, visitors, buyers, conference / congress participants, participants in workshops, webinars and / or business meetings with virtual and / or personal meetings who have held their respective roles over the last 10 years) and prospects (subjects who have expressed interest in the "Events" over the last 10 years - for example also by completing this form - journalists), intended as individuals over the age of 14 acting on their own and / or as internal contacts of legal persons, entities or other organizations. The individual categories of data collected are indicated in our collection forms which supplement this information. The processing takes place with electronic and paper tools and with logic connected to the individual purposes stated below. IEG collects data i) via online forms or paper forms or via pre-registration or participation app filled in and / or acquired by third party operators authorized by us or ii) via mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones present in the place of the "Events". The data collected may be processed by personnel expressly authorized by IEG, within the limits strictly necessary for the performance of the respective activities assigned to them (e.g. legal, commercial, marketing, administrative, logistic, IT, management control, etc.). Purpose of the processing The processing has the following purposes: 1 Fulfillment of contractual and legal obligations deriving from participation in the contracted initiative with the interested party, both in virtual and onsite, or full digital form, this will allow for example the participation, through a specific platform, in virtual business meetings also through the presentation by the exhibitors of texts, videos, presentations, live section; insights and paths on trends and innovation, guided tour itineraries, sharing and communication of important corporate events, as well as other optional services. Exhibitors who request the publication of data in the Event catalog will automatically have the data transferred to the platform (eg Swapcard). Visitors / buyers will have a form available on the digital platform and the possibility of searching for all the profiles of the exhibiting companies, as well as interacting with their contents (public comment on event page content, group, etc.) contact form (participation in events , private messages, groups by invitation, etc.). IEG will be able to communicate, in fulfillment of the contractual relationship intended to facilitate relations between exhibitors and visitors / buyers, the contact details of visitors / buyers who have shown interest in requesting a meeting / appointment with the chosen exhibitor or who have expressed interest. to one or more exhibitors, to the aforementioned exhibitors, through specific actions (eg chat, networking, saving the exhibitor in favorites, specific appointment requests, etc…) on specific digital platforms (eg Swapcard, My Agenda, etc…. ). In this case, the data will be processed by the exhibitor as the Autonomous Owner. 2. Planning and organizational management of events, eg issue and payment of securities, credits and entry passes (including check of payment termination by third-party services), management of personal identification tags (with photo ID) for security, planning and management of specific services requested by you (for example translation services, hostesses, catering, accompaniment), management of the contracts we stipulate with third-party suppliers of goods and / or services used by you during or during Events; publication of name and surname or company name and name, telephone number, fax, e-mail, website, in the public online and paper catalog of the Event in which you participate; communication, upon your request for pre-contractual information (eg programs, proposals, etc.) connected to the Events, drafting of invitation letters for consular visa applications. As part of the aforementioned purpose, IEG will also be able to offer the visitor / buyer the possibility of using the QR code technology, with which the visitor / buyer can transmit their data directly to the exhibitor of interest at his stand, or scan the QR code. present at the booth of the chosen exhibitor. In both cases, the data will be processed by the exhibitor as the Autonomous Owner. 3. Sending (via email, ordinary mail, SMS, MMS, push-up messages, instant messaging functions such as whatsapp, telefax, telephone calls with operator, social networks and other automated tools) of commercial communications, advertising and sales offers products / services related to those of your interest or relating to exhibition / congress and / or related products / services (eg sector publishing, championships / competitions, etc.) (overall activities defined as "soft spam"). 4. Profiling. The profiling detects for privacy purposes only if it concerns natural persons, that is individual companies or partnerships and relative partners / directors, or internal referents of corporations, institutions or organizations. The profiling uses some data supplied by you and sometimes associates them with company data taken from public databases (eg the Business Register of the Chamber of Commerce). For example, we treat the following data: i) in the case of exhibitors: name and surname, business name of the organization to which they belong, contact details, residence or location, country of origin, website, sector of activity, types of product or service offered, annual promotional / advertising budget , type of distribution - store, department store, concept store, markets of interest, brand; ii) in the case of buyers/visitors: name and surname, business name of the organization to which they belong, job attachment, level of professional responsability, contact details, residence or location, country of origin, website, year of foundation of the company, turnover, employees number, sector of activity, percentage of business connected to Italy and to the foreign, Italian and foreign regions of interest, main categories of products or services of interest to the buyer and / or marketed by the same also as a percentage of sales by geographical area, categories of customers of the company, purpose of the visit; iii) in the case of journalists: name and surname, contact details, sector and title, country of origin, language, iv) in the case of event / conference presenters / conference presenters: name and surname, contact details, sector to which they belong, professionalism / topics covered. In some cases, if you are a customer or a prospect, we associate the data you provide to us with your personal data acquired during your browsing on our websites or during the use of the services provided by these sites (eg cookies relating to pages of our website that you have visited, to the country from which you connect) or through other communication channels (eg social media) or through mass mailing of commercial e-mail (eg which messages have arrived, such as e-mails you has opened, what proposals you have accepted through specific actions such as opening an attachment or adhering to our request to link to landing pages or attachments to the email message, etc.). The profiling allows us, in particular, to limit the sending to you of promotional communications not pertinent to your probable expectations and needs or through unwanted channels. The limited nature of profiling does not exclude you from specific advantages or from the possibility to freely exercise your privacy rights, nor has any particular legal effects; in particular it does not in any way prejudice your ability to participate in the Events and / or take advantage of our services (eg online pre-registration, purchase of services). 5. Only with your separate consent: communication of data to our third-party partners (eg Event organizers, exhibitors for which eg. visitor/buyer has not expressed interest or other operators active in the Events), for autonomous direct marketing actions related to goods / services concerning such third-party partners. Legal basis of the processing. Mandatory or optional nature of providing data and consequences of failure to provide data The processing for the purposes of sub 1 has its legal basis in our need to fulfill the obligations assumed through the stipulated contract or to stipulate with you (and to carry out all the actions necessary for the correct and complete execution of the commitments therein) and / or to the legal obligations connected to it including facilitating the management of relations between exhibitors and visitors. Therefore this treatment does not require your prior consent and you are also free not to give your data, however, in this case, we will not be able to stipulate the requested contract and / or regularly provide the service requested by you or by the organization to which you belong (eg make you participate in the Event of interest and provide you with related services) and / or we will not be able to fulfill the legal obligations connected with the contract. The processing for the purposes of sub 2 has its legal basis in our legitimate interest to organize Events, plan and manage all organizational activities useful to allow you to participate efficiently and effectively in Events ” and to manage contacts with exhibitors of interest and the relations with third party suppliers of functional and event-related goods and services. In particular, the request for personal data and documents, especially for foreign guests, will make the correct understanding of the data more reliable, but above all, the reliability of the company that requires an entry visa is safer. You are free not to provide the data, but in this case you will not be able to participate in the Event. During the Events we are made by us and / or by photographers and / or videomakers authorized by us, video footage (including voice) and / or photographs. These generic images concern trade fairs that can be qualified as public events and are therefore treated, without your consent, for publication on our websites / landing pages and social profiles (eg Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) and on brochures, catalogs, flyers and other printed material that promotes the Events. In the event that, however, the aforementioned images portray you in a recognizable way, IEG may publish them for the same promotional purposes, on the aforementioned our printed materials or electronic / digital channels intended for the public (eg catalogs, brochures, flyers, websites / landing pages, blogs, social networks), only with the necessary prior consent (which is the legal basis of the processing), issued on the spot to our official photographer and / or videomaker. In the latter case, you can deny consent thus inhibiting the aforementioned treatment; on the other hand, by giving us your consent, you expressly waive any financial compensation for using your image. You can request at any time the obscuring of the face portrayed in the images published online, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing operated up to the date of obscuration. IEG does not guarantee the obscuration of third-party autonomous data controllers on online channels. The treatment for the purposes of sub 3 (soft spam) has its legal basis in our legitimate interest in contacting our customers freely, as well as the prospects, in order to be able to offer them new opportunities relating to services through electronic / telephone / paper channels. products similar to those previously purchased / contracted (in the case of customers) or to those for which interest has been expressed (in the case of prospects), or relating to products / services for exhibitions / conferences and / or related to them (eg publishing of sector, championships / races, etc.). Therefore the cd. Soft spam, as described above, can lawfully take place even without your prior consent, which is therefore not necessary. The treatment for the purposes of sub 4 (profiling) has a legal basis in our legitimate interest to maintain and analyze a limited set of information concerning you, in order to be able to more effectively recontact you if you are our client or prospect. Given the limited data perimeter used in profiling, it also occurs without his prior consent, which is therefore not necessary. The processing for the purposes of sub 5 (transfer of data to third parties) takes place only upon your specific express consent (constituting, therefore, the legal basis of the lawfulness of the processing). The consent requested may be freely denied by you, without prejudice to your right to participate in the events and / or to obtain the services requested by you. Communication and dissemination of data For the purposes under 1 and 2 the data are communicated by us to: suppliers of the management and maintenance service of our IT systems, websites and databases, photographers and / or videomakers who make the video-audio materials or the related post production, journalists and newspapers, companies entrusted with services necessary for the organization and management of events (eg installation of fittings and equipment, publishers of paper and online catalogs, logistics, security, private security, first aid, hostesses, etc.), diplomatic representatives (Embassy, Consulate,ecc…) consultants, banks (for the execution or receipt of payments connected to the Events), to IEG personnel authorized to process data (Communication, Travel, Sales, Marketing, etc.). to any exhibitors of interest to the visitor / buyer in order to schedule virtual and / or on-site meetings in fulfillment of the contractual relationship and / or to interact with them. For the purposes under 3 and 4 the data are communicated to: companies charged with marketing analysis, advertising, communication and / or public relations agencies, digital and paper publishing companies that produce our advertising or promotional materials, production companies of websites or blogs, web marketing companies, subjects in charge of the design and / or maintenance of promotional materials, IT management and maintenance companies, websites and databases used to organize and manage events, image agencies. These third parties will process the data in the capacity of External Managers in accordance with our written guidelines and under our supervision. For all the aforementioned purposes, we also communicate the data to third-party commercial partners who participate in the creation and / or promotion of the Events, which will treat the data as autonomous (eg. exhibitors in which interest has been expressed through specific actions on digital platforms) or Joint Controllers or external managers, including in particular, Swapcard Corporation with registered office at 6 rue de Paradis - Paris, which provides one of the digital platforms present. You can ask us for a list of co-owners, autonomous and responsible owners (see the "rights of the interested party" section of this information). Transfer of data abroad We communicate the data to third party recipients based outside the EU (companies controlled by the Data Controller, partners - eg. People's Republic of China, United Arab Emirates, Colombia, Hong-Kong - cloud service providers, or suppliers and customers (hereinafter the "importers "). The list of third parties recipients of the data is available on the website section – LINK. This data transfer takes place in the face of adequate guarantees, consisting of the prior stipulation by the third importer of a contractual agreement with us through which he, for the treatments within his competence, undertakes to comply with privacy obligations substantially equivalent to those provided. from EU legislation to ns. load (through the use of standard contractual clauses - or "CCS" - compliant at least with the text adopted by the EU Commission, except for any additions and / or changes more favorable to the interested party). In some cases of data transfer to cloud suppliers based outside the EU, these suppliers are subject to the regulatory powers of local public authorities and in some situations, based on foreign legislation, (in the USA: the Federal Trade Commission, 'Article 702 of the FISA and the Executive Order EO 12333) the importer may be obliged to communicate the personal data transferred, in response to requests received from public authorities, to meet national security requirements (e.g. anti-terrorism) or application of local law (with consequent possible access to data, of which the importer, based on local legislation, may not have to give notice to the exporter and the interested party, who will therefore not be able to exercise the relative rights normally recognized by the GDPR). Therefore, in the abstract, the risk cannot be excluded that in certain and exceptional situations related to the aforementioned specific requirements, the foreign public authority may process such data without applying substantially equivalent safeguards to those provided for by the GDPR to the data subject. However, the risk that the American public authority actually has an interest in applying local legislation to the transferred data appears to be reasonably negligible based on the following circumstances: i) the performance of the exporter (IEG) in favor of the interested parties whose data the importer processes and the consequent data processing, have a limited object (the provision of exhibition services) and a limited purpose (the management of technical processes - organizational functional to the aforementioned services and the fulfillment of legal obligations); the performance does not involve the publication of personal opinions, comments or similar information, nor the making available of services or products that can be used in activities against national security; ii) the types of personal data transferred are limited (eg personal, contact, contractual, administrative data); no particular categories of data are transferred (e.g. on political and religious opinions, biometrics); the categories of interested parties to which the data refer are limited (exhibitors, visitors, participants in events, buyers, journalists, speakers) and they concern operators belonging to product or economic categories that are not reasonably relevant with regard to national security purposes ( eg tourism, wellness, machine handling, sports activities, and so on). Therefore, IEG believes that the CCS applied in the relationship with importers (in particular the USA) effectively guarantee protection of the rights of interested parties substantially similar to that provided for by the GDPR, regardless of the application of any additional measures to the processing in question. The adoption of additional contractual measures by IEG towards importers (e.g. obligations to communicate public access, the right to suspend or terminate the transfer and to terminate the contract with the importer, and the like), may be introduced in at any time by the exporter following any information provided to operators by the EDPB - European Data Protection Board following the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Communities (ECJ of 17 July 2020 which declared the bilateral agreement called "Privacy Shield"). The transfer of data to the non-EU country takes place in any case also because it is necessary for the execution of i) a contract concluded between the interested party and IEG and / or pre-contractual measures adopted at the request of the interested party, or ii) of a contract stipulated between IEG and another natural or legal person (e.g. our subsidiary, supplier, with headquarters outside the EU, etc.) in favor of the interested party. Duration of treatment In the case of the purposes sub 1 e/o 2 we treat the data for 10 years from date of the contract (in the case of customers) from the collection of the data of the interested party (in the case of prospects). In the case of the purposes sub 3 and 4 we treat the data for 10 years from the collection of the data of the interested party (in the case of customers and prospects). We process the data for a period of 5 years from the publication of the product in the case of promotion of editorial products. We process the data for a period of 60 days, after the end of each Event, in the case of data made available at collection points for requests for assistance, communicate to us by visitors and exhibitors (including insurance desk, Info point and Emergency Room). We treat the data contained in the promotional catalog (paper and / or digital) of the individual Events for a maximum of 2 editions of the catalog. We treat certification data of the Events / Events up to the end of the certification and therefore until certification has taken place. We treat the data necessary for the purposes of computer security (eg log-in registrations, failed logs and log-outs, when accessing restricted areas on the IEG websites related to the Events) for 1 year from collection. The recordings of the logs related to the reading of IEG online privacy information and the on-line actions (eg clicks, flags and the like) through which IEG is informed of the data subject's consent are kept for 10 years from collection . In the event of a dispute between you and us or our third party suppliers process the data for the time necessary to exercise the protection of our rights or those of the third party suppliers, that is up to the issue and full execution of a provision having the value of a res judicata between the parties or of a transaction. The data connected to the "Business Matching" service provided during the Events are treated for 3 months from the end of the single Event to which they refer. The data related to the drafting of invitation letters for the request of consular visas (eg. Copy of the passport, etc.) are processed for 3 months from the end of the single Event to which they refer. Once the aforementioned maximum duration has ceased, the personal data are definitively destroyed or made totally anonymous. Rights of Data Subject You have the right to: - ask us to confirm whether or not a processing of personal data concerning you is in progress and, in this case, to obtain access to personal data and the following information: a) the purposes of the processing; b) the categories of personal data in question; c) the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the personal data have been or will be communicated, in particular if they are recipients of third countries or international organizations; d) when possible, the period of storage of personal data provided or, if this is not possible, the criteria used to determine this period; e) the existence of the data subject's right to request the data controller to rectify or delete personal data or limit the processing of personal data concerning him or to oppose their processing; f) the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority; g) if the data is not collected from the interested party, all available information on their origin; h) the existence of an automated decision-making process, including profiling and, at least in such cases, significant information on the logic used, as well as the expected importance and consequences of such treatment for the data subject. - if personal data is transferred to a third country or an international organization, the data subject has the right to be informed of the existence of adequate guarantees relating to the transfer; - request, and obtain without undue delay, the correction of inaccurate data; taking into account the purposes of the processing, the integration of incomplete personal data, also providing a supplementary declaration; - request deletion of data if: a) personal data are no longer necessary with respect to the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed; b) the data subject revokes the consent on which the processing is based and there is no other legal basis for the processing; c) the data subject opposes the processing, and there is no prevailing legitimate reason to proceed with the processing, or he opposes the processing carried out for direct marketing purposes (including the functional profiling of such direct marketing); d) personal data have been unlawfully processed; e) personal data must be deleted in order to fulfill a legal obligation established by Union law or the Member State to which the data controller is subject; f) personal data has been collected regarding the offer of information society services. - request the limitation of the processing that concerns you, when one of the following hypotheses occurs: a) the data subject disputes the accuracy of the personal data, for the period necessary for the data controller to verify the accuracy of such personal data; b) the processing is unlawful and the data subject opposes the deletion of personal data and requests instead that its use be limited; c) although the data controller no longer needs it for the purposes of processing, personal data is necessary for the data subject to ascertain, exercise or defend a right in court; d) the person concerned has opposed the processing carried out for direct marketing purposes, pending verification regarding the possible prevalence of the legitimate reasons of the data controller with respect to those of the interested party; - to obtain from the data controller, upon request, the communication of the third-party recipients to whom the personal data have been transmitted; - revoke at any time the consent to the processing where previously communicated for one or more specific purposes of one's personal data, it being understood that this will not prejudice the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent given before the revocation. - receive in a structured format, commonly used and readable by automatic device, the personal data concerning you provided by you and, if technically feasible, to have these data transmitted directly to another data controller without hindrance on our part, if necessary the following (cumulative) condition: a) the processing is based on the consent of the interested party for one or more specific purposes, or on a contract to which the interested party is a party and to whose execution the treatment is necessary; and b) the processing is carried out by automated means (software) - overall right to the c.d. "Portability." The exercise of the right c.d. portability is without prejudice to the right to cancellation provided above; - not be subjected to a decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling, which produces legal effects that concern him or that significantly affects his person. - lodge a complaint with the competent control authority based on the GDPR (that of its place of residence or domicile); in Italy it is the Data Protection Authority. You can exercise your rights by writing to the Data Controller Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A., with registered office in Via Emilia, 155 - 47921 Rimini (Italy), e-mail address: privacy@iegexpo.it. In order to ensure compliance with the GDPR and the laws applicable to the processing of personal data, we have appointed Avv. Luca De Muri, domiciled for the position at Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A. The Legal Representative of the company or the Representative of the organization undertakes to communicate this Information to the other subjects belonging to the company or to the organization itself and of which it declares to legitimately supply the relative data. Likewise, the consent given for the purposes sub 5 by the Legal Representative of a company or by the Representative of an organization is also extended to other subjects belonging to the company or to the organization itself. CONSENT FOR PRIVACY POLICY Having read the information communicated to me (also available on the site www.iegexpo.it/en/privacyinformation), I declare the following about the processing of data for autonomous direct marketing purposes by IEG third partners. (purpose 5 of the information)  I Consent  I Do Not Consent REV. 12.07.2022 – PRIVACY NOTICE CLIENT AND PROSPECT FOR EVENT THAT USE AT LEAST ONE DIGITAL PLATFORM

VISITOR'S GENERAL REGULATIONS - EXHIBITION IN DIGITAL AND ON-SITE OR FULL DIGITAL FORM ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA (IEG) has adopted the following General Regulations, applicable to events in digital and on-site or full digital form, in order to regulate the rules of conduct of Visitors, Journalists and other users (hereinafter, "Interested" ) who access (for events in digital and on-site form) to the structures of the Company or to the premises or offices of IEG or to other places in any case referable to the latter, following the registration / adhesion procedures prepared through the official channels of the individual Shows and / or Events, as well as to regulate the methods and conditions relating to the registration and use of the Web Platform (for events in digital and on-site or full digital form). A) REGULATION OF EVENTS IN DIGITAL AND ON-SITE FORM 1) ANTI-COVID 19 MEASURES 1.1 The interested parties must scrupulously comply with the anti Covid 19 Measures and Protocols provided for by current legislation at the time of access to the Company's facilities or to the premises or offices of IEG or to other places in any case referable to the latter. 1.2 The user undertakes to ascertain, upon accessing the exhibition / event of interest at the IEG facilities: • not to be positive for the Covid 19 virus and to have observed all the anti Covid 19 Measures and Protocols required by current legislation at the time of access to the facilities, premises or offices of the Company or to other places in any case referable to the latter. The interested party is aware of the criminal penalties provided for in the case of false or misleading statements or conduct. 1.3 Participants coming from or who have passed through foreign countries undertake to comply with all the Protocols and Security Measures as required by current legislation, depending on the country of origin, as well as to consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in advance, declaring to have fulfilled all the required mandatory health checks and protocols and to have complied with all the procedures provided, without prejudice to the criminal sanctions referred to in the previous point, in the event of false or misleading statements or conduct. 2) ACCESS TO THE EXHIBITION CENTER 1. FORBIDDEN CONDUCTS Sale of products within the Exhibition Center. The marketing of products within the Exhibition Center is strictly prohibited. In the event of violations of this requirement, ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA will have the right to request the intervention of the Public Safety Authority, which will take all appropriate measures against the person responsible for the aforementioned violation. ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA will have the right to request the return of the admission ticket issued to the Visitor for free circulation within the Exhibition Center. 2. NO SMOKING Smoking is strictly prohibited within the entire Exhibition Center. Violation of this requirement will be punished, pursuant to Art. 51 of Law 3/2003, published in the Official Gazette on January 10th 2005, with an administrative sanction equal to a minimum of € 27.50 and a maximum of € 275.00. It should be noted that, in compliance with the aforementioned legislation, the aforementioned sanction is doubled if the violation is committed in the presence of a pregnant woman, infants or children up to 12 years of age. Please note that special smoking areas have been set up inside the Exhibition Center. 3. VISITOR QUALIFICATION AND ENTRY TITLE • All Visitors, upon registration, must provide truthful information about their identity and activity. In the event of false statements, the interested party will be prosecuted as required by law. • The entrance ticket is strictly personal and non-transferable. • The admission ticket is valid for one day only, with the exception of particular subscription formulas which could be marketed through the official channels of the individual shows / events. • Temporary exit from the Exhibition Center and return on the same day is not permitted, except for the purchase of an additional ticket, unless otherwise established by ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA. • The entrance ticket stamped at the turnstiles cannot be refunded for any reason (art. 74 DPR n. 633/1972). The ticket must be kept and shown in the event of a tax check whenever required and until the final exit. • To benefit from reduced rates, the categories of Visitors concerned must show an identification document or a document proving the activity carried out, issued by the competent authorities and valid. 4. RESPONSIBILITY ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA declines any responsibility regarding: • Damage to property and / or people within the Exhibition Center, unless the harmful facts are attributable to the sole responsibility of ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA itself; • Misleading and / or misleading information conveyed through promotional-advertising material distributed by third parties not authorized by ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA 5. CANCELLATION - REPROGRAMMING OF SHOWS / EVENTS ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA reserves the right to cancel and / or reschedule the Shows and / or Events scheduled in its calendar. In this case, the reimbursement of the admission ticket will take place exclusively in the event of cancellation and / or rescheduling by ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA in one of the following forms, appropriately communicated by ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA to the interested party: - by reconfirming the validity of the ticket for the rescheduled show / event, or by issuing an equivalent entry ticket, subject to regulatory provisions, or by refunding the amount paid in the event of definitive cancellation. In the aforementioned cases, ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA will not be liable in any way for any additional costs, charges, expenses, damages incurred by the interested party. The interested party also acknowledges that certain facts such as adverse climatic conditions, safety and public order reasons, force majeure or other factors not attributable to ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA could lead to the cancellation or rescheduling of dates and times of the show / event. Any liability of ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA in the presence of such situations is excluded. In such cases, the reimbursement of the admission ticket will take place, upon communication by ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA to the interested party, by reconfirming the validity of the ticket for the rescheduled exhibition / event, or by issuing an equivalent admission ticket, subject to the provisions regulations, or by refunding the amount paid in the event of definitive cancellation. ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA will not be liable in any way for any additional costs, charges, expenses, damages incurred by the interested party. ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA cannot in any way be held responsible in the event that the interested party, for reasons independent of causes attributable to ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA, does not participate in the exhibition / event. In this case, no reimbursement or compensation will be due to the interested party. 6. PHOTOS/VIDEOS It is expressly forbidden for Visitors to take photographs and videos inside the Exhibition Center, unless with the express authorization of ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA The prohibition includes: photographs and videos made with any type of equipment (smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, cameras, etc.), as well as drawings or audio recordings. In the event of such violation, ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA reserves the right to protect, in any competent office, the copyrights and other related rights. Upon entering the Exhibition Center, the interested party accesses a "place of a public nature". In this regard ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA informs that, through its staff and / or specifically appointed professionals, it will proceed to acquire photographic images and / or generic video recordings, to document and promote the exhibition / event on its website, on the products. editorials connected to it and on any other paper and digital information support. If the interested party does not wish to be photographed and / or filmed in a recognizable manner and / or that the minor accompanying and for which he is responsible is not, please notify the operator recognizable thanks to the appropriate pass. The interested party will not be entitled to any compensation or compensation of any kind for the use of the aforementioned materials. ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA does not guarantee the blackout on online channels of any third party independent data controllers. The interested party also acknowledges that all the external and internal areas of the Exhibition Center, for safety reasons, are subjected to video surveillance and that the recorded images are treated, as required by the Privacy Guarantor, in accordance with the general regulations on the subject of personal data protection. These images, upon the occurrence of criminal events or of particular importance in terms of order and public safety, will be made available to the judicial or judicial police, if requested. 7. DISTRIBUTION AND / OR DISCLOSURE OF PROMO-ADVERTISING MATERIALS WITHIN THE EXHIBITION CENTER The distribution and / or dissemination of promotional and advertising materials within the Exhibition Center is prohibited. The Visitor who is caught in the performance of this activity will be immediately deprived of the entrance ticket issued for free circulation within the Exhibition Center. 8. ANIMALS For each show / event, depending on the product categories, a specific provision is made regarding the access or prohibition of entry for dogs as well as animals of any kind, with the exception of dogs serving blind people. 9. VARIOUS ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA reserves the right to prohibit access or to accompany anyone who does not comply with this regulation to the exit. 10. GENERAL PROVISIONS These General Visitor Regulations, drawn up in Italian as the official language, have been structured in accordance with national legislation, to which reference must be made for the interpretation of the rules contained within these Regulations. ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA reserves the right to modify the Visitor's General Regulations at any time. An updated copy of the same Regulation will be published on all ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA websites and will take effect immediately upon disclosure. The terms and conditions of these General Visitor Regulations, brought to the attention of the interested party through the publication on the ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA websites and the posting at the entrance to the Exhibition Center, represent the only existing contract between the Parties. . B) ADDITIONAL RULES FOR EVENTS IN DIGITAL AND ON-SITE OR FULL DIGITAL FORM GENERAL DEFINITIONS OF ACCESS TO DIGITAL PARTICIPATION To allow a complete understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions, the following terms, in the singular and plural, will have the meaning indicated below: - Owner of the ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA platform - Web platform: the website owned by ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA through which the event takes place (in digital and on-site or full digital form). - Products: the goods and / or services provided through the Web Platform by a Participant. - User (or Visitor): any person who accesses and uses the Web Platform. - Participant (or Exhibitor): the natural or legal person, other than ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA, who offers the Products through physical presence at the event and / or the Web Platform, acting in the exercise of his own commercial, craft or professional entrepreneurial activity. - Content for the Web platform: any textual or multimedia element present such as, but not limited to: advertisements, advertisements, reviews, texts, logos, videos, images, instant messaging, etc. 1. RULES FOR REGISTRATION OF USERS (VISITORS) TO THE WEB PLATFORM The Web Platform offered by ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA allows Participants to get in touch with interested Visitors. ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA is not part of the relationship that will be established between Visitors and Participants and does not assume any responsibility deriving from the relationships established between them. The credentials for accessing the Web Platform resulting from the Visitor's registration are personal and non-transferable. All Visitors, at the time of registration, must provide truthful information about their identity and activity. In the event of false statements, the interested party will be prosecuted as required by law. 2. SAFETY RULES All documents, files, videos, images, etc. entered by the Visitor, or whoever is on his behalf, must be previously checked free of "computer viruses". For this purpose, by accepting this regulation, the visitor assumes responsibility for the fact that the multimedia material loaded on the platform is free from "computer viruses". The Visitor will be required to compensate for the damage caused in the event of violation of the aforementioned provision. Furthermore, failure to comply with the IT security measures outlined above will entitle ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA to exclude the visitor from participating in the exhibition / event. 3. PLATFORM CLOSURE AND MULTIMEDIA MATERIALS TREATMENT. The closing of the platform will take place at the discretion of the organization. All content uploaded by the Visitor to it will be processed by ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA as indicated in art. 8 of this regulation. ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA has the right to change the duration, the opening and closing date and the daily timetable of the Platform. This right does not entail, for ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA, any payment to the Visitor of total reimbursements or indemnities of any kind. 4. WARRANTIES, LIABILITY, FORCE MAJEURE, THIRD PARTY SITES Disclaimer of Warranties. ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA will endeavor to ensure that the Web Platform and the display of the contents, during the days of the digital exhibition, are available continuously 24 hours a day; but it cannot in any way be held responsible if, for any reason, the Web Platform is not accessible and / or operational at any time or for any period. Access to the Web Platform may be suspended temporarily and without notice in the event of system failure, maintenance, repairs or for reasons completely unrelated to the will of ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA or for events of force majeure. ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA assumes no responsibility for any fraudulent or illegal use that may be made by third parties, of the contents inserted, including by the Visitor, within the Web Platform. ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA will not be responsible for: - any loss of commercial opportunities and any other loss, even indirect, possibly suffered by the Visitor; - incorrect or unsuitable use of the Web Platform by the Visitor ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA declines all responsibility for false and / or misleading information conveyed through promotional-advertising material and coming from third parties not authorized by ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA 5. LINK TO THIRD PARTY SITES The Web Platform may contain links to third party sites / applications. ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA does not exercise any control over them and, therefore, is in no way responsible for the contents of these sites / applications. Some of these links may refer to third party sites / applications that provide services through the Web Platform. In these cases, the general conditions for the use of the site / Web Platform and for the use of the service provided by third parties will apply to the individual services. , with respect to which ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA assumes no responsibility. 6. RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE VISITOR The Visitor assumes all responsibility for the ownership of rights on trademarks and other distinctive signs, patents, industrial inventions, industrial models, photos, videos as well as on any violation of copyright and personality rights inherent in the contents included within the your own virtual space or within chat. The Visitor, therefore, relieves ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA from any burden and responsibility in the event of violation of the aforementioned rights and in any case of violation of the rules for the protection of competition, industrial property and patent rights both towards other Users and towards third parties in general. Any disputes in this regard between Users and between Users and third parties must therefore be resolved directly between them, exempting ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA from any burden and / or responsibility. It is absolutely forbidden to publish contents (phrases, images, comments…) that are contrary to the law, morality, morality. ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA declines all responsibility for the content published by visitors on their personal profile pages or in the sharing and comment areas of the Web Platform. 7. B2B PROGRAM The meetings requested by the Visitor will become effective only if also confirmed by the Participant. Please note that the agendas may be subject to changes until the last moment. There is no limit to the duration of the meeting agreed between Participant and Visitor. ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA cannot be held responsible in any way in the event that one or more of the business meetings scheduled on the Platform do not take place, as well as in the event that the negotiations between Visitor and Participant are not successful; any relationship between the latter must be managed exclusively between them with the total exemption of ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA 8. OF MULTIMEDIA MATERIALS IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LAW The Visitor expressly authorizes ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA, to use images / videos portraying himself or any other materials uploaded by him. ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA may use the aforementioned images / videos not only for journalistic and communication purposes, but also for promotional-commercial purposes. No use will be made in contexts prohibited by law or that compromise its decorum and dignity. The processing of multimedia materials will be carried out by ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA in full compliance with the regulations in force on the subject. No compensation for the Visitor will be provided for the aforementioned use.


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